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Get Ahead of the Game with a Proactive Daily Work Routine for Startup CEOs

This article helps to provide startup CEOs with a framework for designing and implementing a proactive daily work routine, useful in increasing efficiency, productivity, and work-life balance.

Lawunmi A Nwaiwu
Lawunmi A Nwaiwu

My ideal work week is one where I can control 100% of what happens in my schedule, rather than reactive to my calendar. I have different routines I follow on a weekly basis but your first step in spending your time effectively each day as a startup CEO is to identify your own key success factors, decide whether your choice of time aligns with your clients, your startup and your own way of working.

Having a daily work routine is important for the success business. Adopting this proactive approach will improve your decision-making skills, have a better time management and establish credibility and expertise in the startup industry.

Below will help you get started to design a proactive daily work routine as a startup CEO.


  1. Start with a morning routine: Begin your day with activities that promote mindfulness and productivity. This can include meditation, exercise, or reading. I usually enjoy an early rise so that I don’t feel overwhelmed - but it is also important that I get at least 6+ hours of sleep every night.

  2. Review goals and priorities: Take a few minutes to review your long-term goals and objectives. Identify the most critical tasks you need to accomplish during the day.

  3. Check emails and messages: Spend time reviewing and responding to important emails and messages. Prioritize urgent requests and delegate tasks, if necessary.

  4. Meet with the team: Have a brief morning meeting with your team to discuss the progress of ongoing projects, address any immediate issues, and align priorities for the day.


  1. Focus on strategic work: I usually focus on deep work, which includes figuring out solutions to problems. Allocate a dedicated block of time to focus on strategic tasks such as business development, analysing market trends, or planning for future growth.

  2. Engage in industry networking: Attend industry events, forums, or conferences to stay updated on the latest trends, build connections, and explore potential partnerships or collaborations.

  3. Lunch and break: Take a break to have a nutritious lunch and recharge. Stepping away from work for a while can boost productivity and creativity in the afternoon.


  1. Address operational tasks: Use the afternoon to address operational tasks such as reviewing financial reports, managing budgets, overseeing HR processes, or assessing operational efficiency.

  2. Collaborate with the team: Engage in collaborative work with your team, providing guidance, support, and feedback when needed. Encourage open communication and foster a positive work environment.

  3. Work on personal development: Allocate time for personal development activities such as reading industry-related books or articles, attending seminars, or taking online courses to enhance your skills as a CEO.


  1. Reflection and planning: Take some time to reflect on the day's achievements and challenges. Use this opportunity to plan for the next day, defining your main objectives and priorities.

  2. Disconnect and unwind: Disconnect from work-related activities and ensure you have time for personal activities, hobbies, and spending quality time with family and friends.

  3. Rest and relaxation: Prioritize getting sufficient rest and relaxation to recharge for the next day, ensuring you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Remember, adapt this routine based on your business needs and personal preferences. In addition, make sure to allocate time for unexpected tasks or emergencies that may arise during the day.

A CEO Guide by Lawunmi Nwaiwu

Lawunmi A Nwaiwu is an Executive TV producer of the The Moment of Truth Nigeria Business Reality Show and Author.

Listen to her podcast The Moment of Truth Nigeria Podcast or check out my books available to purchase.

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