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Lawunmi Nwaiwu

As the founder and CEO of The Moment of Truth reality TV show, Lawunmi has over a decade of experience empowering and amplifying young entrepreneurs in Nigeria. An author featured in publications like and Glam Africa Mag, Lawunmi leverages her storytelling skills to spread messages of empowerment and actualise visions.

The Moment of Truth Nigeria was founded in 2022 by Lawunmi Nwaiwu, after years of witnessing corruption, inequality, and lack of opportunity, she knew that the time had come for Nigerians to face the hard truths and take action. 

The name "Moment of Truth" represents the pivotal instant when one confronts reality and chooses to either accept the status quo or rise up to create transformation. For Nigeria, this moment of truth has arrived

With a proven track record of success and passion for cultivating entrepreneurship, Lawunmi has leveraged her writing and email marketing skills to build an online platform and community through her TV show, podcast, and offers talks and speaking engagements related to entrepreneurship and business which is focused on supporting young entrepreneurs in Nigeria and beyond.

Additionally, she has extensive experience in email marketing, event management, project management, and communication. 


Lawunmi Nwaiwu continues to drive the mission to create solutions so young entrepreneurs can succeed through The Moment of Truth Entrepreneurial show.


Where is your strength book by Lawunmi Nwaiwu
Secrets to a work-life balance book
Starting a wedding planning career book by Lawunmi Nwaiwu



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