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The Moment of Truth Nigeria is a community of underrepresented entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators. We focus on creating innovative solutions to everyday problems, while also inspiring and motivating people to take action in their lives. Founded by Lawunmi, a highly experienced CEO and Author with a passion for Entrepreneurship, provides its members with resources and a supportive network to help them reach their goals. 

Lawunmi Nwaiwu offers speaking engagements, invaluable advice and resources to help entrepreneurs reach the next level and make an impact in their communities. She has degrees in Business Entrepreneurship (BA) and International Marketing (MA) obtained in the United Kingdom.

Since its launch, the Moment of Truth Nigeria has grown from 0 to 500 members, and has also supported charity organizations such as Lifted Strong and Africa Educational Trust to raise funds for a greater cause, making sure that their projects are making a lasting impact.

Lawunmi has years of experience in the business world with her high energy and enthusiasm and has since been featured in publications such as, Glam Africa Magazine, MI Business Mag.


Lawunmi continues to spread her passion for entrepreneurship education, working with young adults, organisations, offering a range of services and products, free online coaching sessions, webinars, seminars, and books authored by Lawunmi Nwaiwu, to help guide entrepreneurs on their journey to success. Visit the site to learn more about Lawunmi and the Moment of Truth Nigeria and discover how their projects are making a difference.