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Exclusive Interview with Temiloluwa Adeshina

Founders Spotlight with Co-Founder at Readland

Temiloluwa is the co-founder and the lead learning officer at Redland. Redland is committed to raising leaders of competence and character through special reading and skill empowerment programs. Today over 5,000 registered children are transformed by several learning projects, BRI Centers, and now in communities in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Zambia.

Lawunmi Nwaiwu interviews Temiloluwa, as she shares the importance of putting right, the educational support that many children need in schools; and what teachers and adults can do to ensure a safe and happy environment for these children.

Q: Let's dive in. As the founder of Readland, a learning educational center in different parts of the world, what came about the idea behind your business?

It'll amaze people to know that Redland Global started from our sitting room. That was in 2018. I taught in primary school for nine years. I taught in three different schools and it got to a point purpose was calling me. There was a particular point in time in my life that I'd felt depressed. Yes. And I can tell you that Redland came from that particular point in time. God was telling me to start something. I received an inspiration to pack out all the story books of my children and read to out of school children and those who could not read. We started with six children in our living room.

I've been working with publishing firms. I was reviewing for Leonard Africa. I was reviewing for many publishing firms. So when Redland was going on and children were being helped, publishing firms started coming to me. I wrote this particular book, not for us at Redland. I wrote it for a publishing firm. The publishing firm didn't accept it. So I shared with everyone around and everyone loved the book. Before I knew it, only thing I was hearing from educators was, there's a problem of bullying in schools and this book would be a good one. And that was how a book that was meant for a publishing firm that didn't accept, became our own first published book at Redland for Children at that time and is now a success!

Q: That means you have published several books, isn't it? Before the big bad bully book?

No, I have only reviewed books for publishing firms.

Q: What is the message behind that book?

Wow! So the Big Bad Bully is all about bullying. It's all about pushing the message that bullying is not good. Anti-bullying in a beautiful crafted African story. I remember the big buzz about it and everyone kept saying, it's not like the normal bullying book you read. Now this one tells you who bystanders are, who the bullying, who the bulled is and how they also need help. The group of children in a particular school come together not to teach the bully lesson, but to ensure that they see that bullying is not good. They encourage him or her to apologise and realise their wrong and learn their lesson.

Q: Parents have a big part role to play and that's in the home. But once the children leave the home to school, what should teachers or other adults do to help support them?

One of the things teachers must do is, listen and investigate. When the child comes to me, I hear this a lot "please leave my table. I'm busy". They don't want to listen. As a result, children can't approach them because they are so engaged with lot of activities in the school and don't have the time. A teacher must always listen and a teacher must investigate. Before you start your investigation, you must ensure that a child's safety is your most priority.

Q: Thanks for that. Most readers would like to know is how you are able to market your business. How do you do it?

One of the ways we're able to market our business is firstly, creating a product that the world cannot do without. One of the things that Redland has done when we came into the educational sector was to solve a problem that were not being solved. Secondly, our books market themselves. I saw gaps in the educational sector. I saw that Children's timetable in school is choked, but now, the world has moved on from classroom just being within the four walls of a school. Q What advice would you give to a starting entrepreneur?

Simple advice. The world is in need of solutions. There are problems to solve everywhere. I have over seven books written by children, authors here. One thing I always tell them, create a book or even a product that will sell itself. Identify a problem, package and brand the solution and then sell it.

Thanks Temiloluwa, from everyone at The Moment of Truth Nigeria. If you are a business start-up, you can watch Season 1 of The Moment of Truth Business Reality Show or subscribe to the channel for inspirational & educational content.


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