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The Unleashed Mentorship Bootcamp


What is the mentorship bootcamp all about?

When is the mentorship bootcamp?

What you'll learn at the mentorship bootcamp

What's the format of the mentorship bootcamp?

What you'll need for the bootcamp


The two days bootcamp (Nigeria) is a brand new mentorship opportunity that provides direct access to some of the Nigeria's most talented and young business owners and professionals.

As part of the 8 week Unleashed Competition for start-ups, this programme has been designed for 18-40 year olds who want to start a business, grow their existing business or explore and learn more about new career opportunities. We need mentors who have broken through barriers to get to where they are and we want to share these stories and inspire the young people for motivation, and to have the belief that they also can achieve great things, no matter their background or circumstances. 

April 2022 (date TBC)

We will cover a range of topics which will be useful if you are looking to start a business, grow your existing business or find a job opportunity to further your career.

  • Behind the scenes into a wide range of industries

  • Hear mentors success stories and how they built their success

  • How to climb the ladder for success

  • How to start and scale your new or existing business idea

  • Shared tips on how to raise funds from angel and venture capital investors for your business

  • How to market yourself and business using Linkedln, YouTube, Facebook and more

  • Money management, saving better and making smart investments

  • Networking, building your team and how to surround yourself with great people

  • Interview tricks and tips

Each day of the bootcamp will include a 3-5 hours worth of speaker sessions, workshops and mentor/coaching calls (typically held in the late afternoon/evening).

  • 1:1 online mentoring bootcamp

  • Live online workshops and panel discussions

  • Question and answer sessions with the mentors/coaches

  • Mastermind discussion in small groups

  • Training and upskilling

For a successful experience, this programme requires:

  • 3-5 hours worth of free time per day to join our sessions which will be held on a weekday late afternoons/evenings)

  • A laptop and a stable access to internet

  • The willingness to learn, participate, ask loads of questions and most importantly, take action!

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