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Jidenex Consultancy Group

Hello! I'm Lawunmi

I'm the founder of Jidenex Consultancy Group and a freelance Marketing Consultant and Business Specialist based in London, available for hire (weekends only).

What Jidenex Consultancy can do for you

Are you a startup or graduate looking to launch your business or kickstart your career with confidence? Look no further.


Whether you need guidance in developing your startup, crafting sompelling content, refining your business and pitch decks, creating effective marketing strategies, navigating your career interests or managing your projects, Jidenex Consultancy is your solution partner for navigating the complex world of career planning and business strategy.


Lawunmi Nwaiwu has worked on various UK and international projects helping them improve their business processes and optimised high performance with the purpose of driving engagement, improving conversion rate and ultimately helping to get new customers. 


Our team is made up of seasoned professionals and corporate partners who provide strategic planning, invaluable industry insights tailored to your unique needs. From clarifying your vision, to securing funding and building a robust network, we are committed to equip you with the tools and insights to thrive.

Lawunmi's commitment to innovation has yielded remarkable results as an executive producer, project manager, and CEO at The Moment of Truth Nigeria. With her proven track record of success and mission-driven working with SMEs to ensure they meet their business objectives and KPIs, Lawunmi firmly believes in the power of collaboration, embracing diverse perspectives, and fostering an environment of trust and mutual respect.

Whether you require ongoing support or a one time consultation, you can hire Lawunmi Nwaiwu and her team of experienced consultants for flexible and affordable service options that suit your budget and requirements.

Supercharge Your Business Success and achieve new heights with a rapid and premium service offerings with Jidenex Consultancy Group

Motivational Speaking

Provide motivational speeches and workshops to schools and organisations, focused on inspiring action, personal development, and achieving goals.

Business & Pitch Deck Writing

Specialise in crafting compelling business plans, pitch decks, and marketing materials that capture the essence of your startup or small business. 

Startup & Student Coaching

 Coach entrepreneurs and small business owners on business development, discover their passion, set professional goals, and develop strategies to progress towards them. 

Marketing Strategy Consulting

Helping businesses achieve their marketing objectives, drive growth, & establish a strong, competitive edge in their respective markets. Enquire about taking your marketing efforts to new heights.

Content Marketing Services 

Develop and execute content marketing strategies for businesses including blogging, social media, videos, podcasts, and more to attract and retain an audience.

Project Management

Offer end-to-end event execution services for corporate clients including concept development, venue selection, vendor management and email marketing campaigns.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Let's Work Together

Lawunmi has years of experience in the business world with her high energy and enthusiasm and has since been featured in publications such as, Glam Africa Magazine, MI Business Mag. 

Lawunmi continues to spread her passion for entrepreneurship education, working with young adults, organisations, offering a range of services and products, free online coaching sessions, webinars and seminars. Visit the site to learn more about Lawunmi and the Moment of Truth Nigeria and discover how their projects are making a difference.

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