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Lawunmi Nwaiwu is the Founder at The Moment of Truth Talk Show where she drives the mission to create solutions so that young people. leading entrepreneurs and voices are better represented in shaping global challenges.

Advocating for young entrepreneurs, she is passionately building a legacy and providing a broad base of support to help multiple aspiring and underrepresented entrepreneurs achieve success.

In TMoT's one year existence, Lawunmi has led it's growth from 0 to 500 community members, attracted hundreds of potential business candidates, partnered and supported charity organisations like Lifted Strong and Africa Educational Trust in raising funds for a greater cause and attracted CEOs from leading brands to share their entrepreneurial journey on TMoT's platform.

Lawunmi Nwaiwu has authored three books, "Starting a Wedding Planning Career with Limited Funds" 2015, "Secret to a Work-Business Balance" 2017 and "Where Is Your Strength" 2020.  She has led a free coaching program and mentored young individuals who are constantly inspired by her strides and her consistent knowledge-sharing channels. She has been featured in, and has written a piece for Glam Africa Magazine and a business article in MI Business Mag.

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