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The Moment of Truth Nigeria is a Nigerian entrepreneurial reality show focused on early stage entrepreneurs to pitch their business before the board of judges. This season, 10 contestants were selected and given a chance to win the 'Unleashed' competition and walk away with a fund award of Two Million Naira.

The Moment of Truth Nigeria is designed to identify and attract an investment in the most promising entrepreneurs in the country. Through this show, we hope to cultivate an environment that encourages and promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in Nigeria.


The Moment of Truth Nigeria is a business reality show that follows young entrepreneurs in Nigeria and their journey to success. Our mission is to create a platform for these entrepreneurs to share their stories and showcase their innovative ideas. We also want to provide a platform for the freedom of expression and empowerment of these young entrepreneurs.

The show will feature a mix of the biggest challenges and successes of startup businesses in Nigeria, and will provide a unique insight into the face of entrepreneurship in the country. Through The Moment of Truth Nigeria, we aim to showcase underrepresented young leaders, highlight the rise of young entrepreneurs, and celebrate those leading change in the world.

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