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New Book Empowers Us.. In a World That Could Break Us..

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Can you recall the last time you faced a setback, or an obstacle that had really questioned your purpose in life?

This is an intimate and inspiring memoir, which will give readers an insight into her world of life changing experiences that have shaped her. A story telling transition from her childhood to balancing the demands of her career, embracing life being a wife and a mother while going through life’s ups and downs. 

Even when life is not perfect, her journey will inspire those who are going through similar changes that are scary, situations that are overwhelming, tough times that will test your love, faith, and existence

"Today, many people spend more time focusing on what they are not good at, instead of discovering, appreciating and nurturing their strengths!" explains the author. My goal with this book is to encourage the need for them to push the boundaries of their potential! So they can make the impact they want, become productive, more engaged and have greater joy in the work and life that they truly deserve.

Continuing, "One of the hardest things I've had to do was make a decision to start over, which I did" and now I'm here to help people rediscover their inner strength and live a purposeful driven life.

 ‘Where Is Your Strength”  is due for imminent release. For more information, contact the author.

Lawunmi A. Nwaiwu has always believed that to be able to get ahead in life, she needed to embrace the setbacks or failures of her past and face the future with courage and strength by every experience.

She always had an entrepreneurial streak, but when taking the first steps to becoming a wife, and a mother, Lawunmi learned through trial, error and the odd drop of sweat, that rising from the challenges and adapting to new situations, while constantly shifting away from negative forces was her inner power and inner strength. In her new book, she shares her strengths with the world.

More about the Author:

Lawunmi Adeniyi is a UK based African Wedding Planner. She is a graduate with a Masters degree in International Business and Marketing. 

Through her personal experiences and starting from little, she has learned that you may not start off with your dream career but you can take what you have and make it work for you until you get what you want - if you are willing to commit to your passion. Over the years, Lawunmi has had the opportunity to share her books ‘starting a wedding planning career with limited funds’ and ‘Secrets to a Work-Business Balance’ and has since continued to manage & coordinate special events and weddings alongside her full-time employment within London. 

She has explored her dreams even further by organising the wedding fair and fundraising event, and the wedding lounge event and will continue to share her experiences that will inspire readers.

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