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Losing It All, Gaining Much More

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

How do you start life over again when it feels like you’ve lost everything, especially when you are experiencing an unexpected financial disaster and it seems like there is no way you can recover from the setback? Things may look so bad in that moment, that it feels like all hope is lost. It happens, most of us have all been there - but how was I able to mentally recover from the setback?

Facing a Financial Disaster

Experiencing a financial setback years ago was one of my hardest and darkest times in my life to the point where I struggled to have 2 pennies to my name. This was just before completing my 3rd year in the university. All my savings and everything I earned was all gone due to a court case which was ongoing for 3 years, but I started appreciating life more, growing up. I realised that what I thought I had lost is nothing compared to what others in different areas of their lives may have lost.

When we have a significant financial loss, it’s a time we need to start focusing more on what we have. It starts from somewhere, and instead of feeling like I’ve lost everything, I acknowledged the loss and started doing the practical thing - starting all over again. I accepted the reality of my financial situation and started carving out some new financial goals and taking action with the right course.

Mentally Recovering from the Financial Crisis

I am very thankful for my mom who was very supportive with encouragement during that difficult time in my life. Of course it wasn’t easy to get back up on my feet. I was full of anger because of the situation, being in full time education and yet everything was exhausted, I was finding it difficult to keep up with my rent - living off campus, amongst other bills. During times like this, it's important for us to get back on track by refocusing our thoughts back on - what can I do? What resources are there for me to use? How do I reduce costs or lighten the financial burden?

One of the things I tried not to do is to neglect my bills due date, because doing so would only make things worse. What I did was to communicate with the companies and set up a payment arrangement plan from as little I could afford at that time. Many times all we have to do is pick up the phone for professional support. Many of these companies will offer a sliding scale of fees for you to pay what you can afford until you recover.

I started keeping myself busy, doing things that create happiness and fulfilment to avoid dwelling on what happened or how I would have done things differently. It may take some time to rebound from a financial loss, but remain level-headed and focused to get through the period of misfortune.

Recovering What I Lost

Most of us have areas in our lives where we need a breakthrough. This has taught me that whenever we hit rock bottom in any point in our lives, I shouldn’t be too quick to assume that it’s the end - or find myself questioning my purpose in life.

Through self-reflection on my commitment to faith, I questioned whether I had possibly stopped walking by faith and started trying to figure everything out by sight? Or maybe I was seeking things first? And so I decided to rededicate my life wholeheartedly to my faith - becoming more actively involved and connected. With time, I began to experience restoration in all areas in my life and gradually began to forget all the things I thought I had lost, because now, what I recovered was much more. It made me wiser and have strength in times of struggles or disappointments. Such setbacks are a reminder that if we continue to walk in faith, we recover so much more than what we felt we had lost. It may be an important part of our journey that we have to go through, to be able to begin to enjoy the great and beautiful things waiting for us.

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