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The Moment of Truth UK Podcast

Interviews, real life stories and more

This incredible talk-show interview podcast that features lifestyle entrepreneurs, authors and black owned businesses. A platform dedicated to recognising the outstanding contributions and achievements that individuals have made to inspire us and sharing potential solutions for our community. Even in a moment of crisis, it's important that we find time to uplift & celebrate ourselves and our community.

The Moment of Truth #themomentoftruthuk was created to recognise the importance of role models from Black backgrounds and individuals who’ve overcome challenges and achieved success in the community.

S1 E16: Thriving In A Struggling Economy

Guest Interview with Olatorera Oniru: Your business can thrive even in tough times. Declines or decreased sales can threaten all businesses. How does Olatorera's online fashion store, continue to survive in the industry and thrive during economic downturns?


S1 E15: Grief, Loss and Forgiveness

Guest Interview with Valerie Lewis: Is it possible to forgive someone and still be hurt by the grief they've caused?


S1 E14: Why Cultural Representation Matters

Special Guest: Folasayo Williams discusses the importance of celebrating African cultures and introducing the concept of diversity and inclusion to kids at a young age. How can representation in toys help children understand that they are important and valued?


S1 E13: Healing Through Music After Traumatic Injury.

Special Guest: Cristabelle Braden is definitely one to listen to. We had an authentic and uplifting conversation with Brain Injury Survivor @cristabellebraden. As she shares her ups and downs, powerful insights, and honest moments of both despair and hope.


S1 E12: Surprising Truths on Building Brand Identity

Special Guest: Blessing Abeng shares suprising Truths on Building Brand Identity and powerful tips on working with clients internationally/globally/nationally.

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